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The pre-cleaning system in the AEMP

There is no better hygienic practice than this.

ProShield Protective Covers



Protective covers with and without aerosol suction


ProClean combines functionality, practicality and hygienic handling at the highest level.

The ProClean concept makes it possible to so operate the ProShield M movable protective cover that the cover itself does not have to be touched. The touching is accomplished by means of a foot switch. That is how the transmission of germs is effectively countered.



There is no better hygienic practice than this.



The moisture and aerosol-laden air sucked away with the ProCleanAir suction unit is fed, after being dehumidified, across a 2-stage filtration system. The unhealthy materials are safely filtered out of the contaminated air of the purification tanks before they are once again passed to the environment.


Depending on requirements, the ProShield M  and ProShield S protective covers are available with or without ProClean Air.


Through the combination of the protective covers and suction units with the ProLine program of the medically used furnishings, the equipment options are limitless — from stainless steel to antimicrobial powder-coated steel sheet — everything is possible.


Numerous possible combinations — from the equipment to the accessories — ensure optimal operations with maximal and effective space utilization. Practical and without compromise. Modern