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Foundation of Lischka GmbH in 1993.

Sucessful trade and service in the field of care and hygiene technology.

From trade to manufacturer, since 2005 the medical furniture "ProLine".

Introduction of a quality management system according to DIN EN ISO 13485.

Since 2008 is the bedpan washer "GEYSIR" manufactured according to DIN EN ISO 15883.


About us:

Consultation and Sales


Your idea emerges from our possibilities


Thanks to our competent and dedicated employees, no question is left unanswered for our discerning customers during consultations.

Project management


From idea to design


At our primary location in Berlin, the precise execution of your ideas is achieved through our use of CAD, ensuring trouble-free installation. Even special adaptations to all building-side adjacencies will be precisely planned in order to avoid unnecessary construction delays.


Our project management makes sure that the idea takes concrete shape with the aid of CAD programming. Thanks to situational analyses and feasibility checks, wishes will be realized and individual solutions conceived. Our employees bear the responsibility for reaching the goals of the project and will look after your interests until the completion of your building project.



From concept to finished product


At our corporate location in Berlin, we manufacture medical furnishings with the greatest precision and care out of CNS and electrolytically galvanized steel sheet. We guarantee a long lifespan by using qualitatively high-values materials in all of our production processes.


In order to realize your wishes, the product, regardless of whether it is a disinfection appliance or medical furnishings, passes through several stations in our production process. The first step toward a finished product is the graphic representation of the individual components and the creation of NC programs by means of modern CAD/CAM software at four work stations. The sheet blanks are realized on modern Trumpf CNC machines with high dimensional accuracy. Also, the bending or, as the case may be, beveling takes place on a CNC-controlled hydraulic Trumpf press brake. The individual components are further processed on completely outfitted welding work stations. With our modern plant which comprises specialty bending machines and drilling, milling, turning and grinding machines, we are in a position to use these versatile possibilities to make customer-specific detailed solutions possible. The joining together of the individual parts takes place in the assembly area. Here the pre-finished sheet metal parts are connected to one another and furnished with such accessories as furniture fittings, gaskets, locks and other components as may be needed in each case.


Before shipment, a final inspection is carried out against high quality standards.

Service and maintenance

Our Service network


For you, service means being there and that as quickly as possible. Whether you need a replacement part, some advice or a technician, we guarantee the fastest possible reaction time through our network of service technicians, branch offices and authorized partners. With us as your business partner, you will never be left alone.

Our service team will be, thanks to our optimally developed network, at every deployment location in the fastest possible time. Our company vehicles are, as a result of a system built up over many years, equipped for every type of assignment.


Our Services