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What can you expect from Lischka GmbH’s service... We will explain our services for you in detail below:



Maintenance is the sum total of all measures to preserve the desired target condition. The maintenance work done is captured in a log and thus can be reproduced at any time. The sticker attached to the appliance documents the success of the maintenance that has been carried out.


Validation of medical equipment
Validation of steam sterilization processes. Validation of cleaning and disinfection processes including endoscope cleaning and disinfection processes.


Technical safety controls

STK is a means of establishing and assessing current safety conditions. The goal of these safety-related controls is the timely recognition of appliance defects and dangers before these affect the patient, the user or third parties. The workings of an STK will be captured in a log and thus be reproducible at any time. The sticker attached to the appliance documents the success of the safety-related controls that have been carried out.



Servicing is the combination of all technical and administrative measures, including surveillance measures with which an entity is to be kept in or restored to operational condition. It includes inspection, maintenance and service. Our constantly trained service technicians are equipped at all times to fix malfunctions of your appliance. The service vehicles are equipped with original equipment replacement parts. That is how we can offer quick, clean and reliable service.



Inspection is the sum total of all measures to to establish and assess current condition. The work of an inspection will be captured in a log and can thus be reproduced at any time.



Overhaul is the sum of all measures to restore the desired condition specified. The corrective maintenance work that has been carried out will be documented on our service tickets; a copy will be provided to you immediately after completion of the work. That is how you and your employees will immediately be in the know about what has been done


Inspection of electrical safety

Your appliance will be inspected for electrical safety in accordance with all applicable regulations and the passed inspection will be visible on its sticker. In addition, the corresponding values will be captured - either as a log or on the maintenance audit trail.


Thermoelectric inspection in accordance with EN ISO 15883

With the help of temperature recording independent of the appliance itself, the actual values with be captured. The measured on-site values will be processed with the corresponding evaluation software and the effectiveness of the thermal disinfection will be  verified. If one of these values lies significantly above the standard, there is the possibility of optimizing the appliance setting so that energy usage is reduced. That is how we can reduce the appliance’s electrical power consumption and the environmental impact it causes while at the same time lowering your operating costs.


Microbiological testing in collaboration with a recognized hygienic laboratory, as well as a medical hygienic analysis

The effectiveness of the cleaning and disinfection actions will be checked by means of a microbiological test together with a thermoelectric examination. This test will be evaluated in cooperation with a hygienic laboratory, summarized in an audit trail and made  legally binding through the medical hygienic signature.


Detergent – Service check

Regardless whether it is a bedpan washer, an endoscope washing machine, or an RDG, you are always playing it safe with our detergent safety check. We test the appliance in terms of the metered quantity. In doing so, we include the guidelines of the chemical manufacturer, but watch anyway for material-saving and environment-saving possibilities. And in doing so, we also pay attention to your budget.


Reminder – Service

So that your testing intervals are always current, we will gladly include your premises in our reminder service. This service guarantees that you will never miss a test deadline.



Upon request, you will receive a comprehensive works training on our “GEYSIR” series of appliances. Should you have a bedpan washer made by the Belimed Company in your inventory, we will gladly also organize training for it on our premises.




If at this point anything is unclear, don’t hesitate to contact our Service Department, so that everything remains understandable and transparent as well. We want your “gears” to mesh with ours. We are at your service!!!