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Our medical furnishings are available in the versions "Color" and "Stainless Steel"

Below you will find specifications or features of our medical furniture. Many advantages explained briefly:


Latching, maintenance-free, two-dimensional, adjustable; opening angle 90-220°, full interior space utilization guaranteed above 90°.

Door gaskets

Circumferential EPDM hollow-chamber gasket profile with fully cured corners, disinfectant-proof, complies with the most demanding hygienic requirements


One-piece molded tub bodies with inserted back wall and superimposed bezel above self-retracting, maintenance-free full telescopic extensions.

Safe for anesthetics

Integrated BTM meeting the applicable requirements, mounted in the cabinet body. Can be mounted in base cabinet, tall cabinet or wall cupboards.

Built-in refrigerator

Integrated medication refrigerator with sliding door. Outer door comes standard with circumferential gasket and is lockable.

Hospital sinks

Hospital sink covers made of CNS or quartz material including pail grate and strainer. DN100 standard optionally with integrated circular rinsing.

Furniture handles

Standard CNS D-handles with a hole spacing of 128 mm (5.04 in); other layouts possible on request.

Workplace lighting

Hygienic lamps with plastic covers with prismatic structure making them glare-free; standard light bezel 50-100 mm (1.97-3.94 in).


Smooth closet interior, double-walled, sound-absorbing and manufactured in sandwich construction. Material thickness at least 2 x 1.00 mm (0.039 in).

Special adapters

possible at all locations adjacent to the building

Vent screens

for absorption of removable shelves without extension rail with integrated self-sealing gasket, that prevents the penetration of moisture into the corpus.


for increasing the hygiene, complete adjoining veneers are possible.