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Door actuator

Lischka "GEYSIR" CDD 1050 / 1060 / 1090

Bedpan washers manufactured and certified according to EN ISO 15883-1/-3, DVGW approved, CE0633

The GEYSIR series of bedpan washers can be equipped with an automatic door, if desired. The completely revised automatic door actuator now operates even more reliably than before and is even protected against incorrect usage.

In this video, you can gain insight into the functioning of our bedpan washer as well as that of said automatic door actuator. In order to open the wash chamber door, you can either use the radar sensor or foot pedal. It is possible thereby to open the wash chamber door with the foot pedal without having to put down the items to be washed. Additional contamination, such as of a countertop, can thereby be avoided. Even after inserting the items to be washed, it is not necessary to touch the appliance with soiled gloves. One brief step on the foot pedal or a wave across the radar sensor causes the wash chamber door to close. The ingenious system stops if a blockage occurs or if, after the program starts, the objects to be washed shift and thereby block the wash chamber door from subsequently opening, the wash chamber door can also be opened mechanically by the user without there being any danger that the system will be damaged in the process. 

Therefore, it will also not be necessary to perform repair work if the washed items get jammed.


The automatic door actuator can be ordered as an option for the CDD1050, CDD1060 and CDD1090 for the “classic” equipment variation and is even standard on the “premium” variation. For the “basic” variation, this improvement in convenience and safety is not available.